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Wolf Tooth Components 8-Bit Chainbreaker Multitool

Wolf Tooth Components 8-Bit Chainbreaker Multitool
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The new 8-Bit System is a group of multi-tools designed to work together to solve most trailside fixes. They are lightweight, strong, versatile, and small enough to fit in a jersey pocket or riding tool wrap. Three multi-tools begin the 8-Bit System: 8-Bit Chainbreaker + Utility Knife Multi-Tool, 8-Bit Tire Lever + Rim Dent Remover Multi-Tool, and 8-Bit Pack Pliers. A total of 22 functions between the three tools will keep you rolling to the next town or trailhead.

Use alone or stack with 8-Bit Pack Pliers and 8-Bit Tire Lever
Three functions: chainbreaker, retractable utility knife, and 3mm hex L key that doubles as tire plug inserter
Handles slide open for storage for tire plug inserts, valve core, and spare mini utility blade
Includes: 5 Tire plugs, mini utility blade, spare mini utility blade, tire plug inserter/3mm allen key
Made in USA from 7075-T6 aluminum
Weight: 71g, Dimensions: 146mm x 20mm x 11mm


8-Bit Chainbreaker + Utility Knife Multi-Tool HOW TO

Part Numbers

810006805277 210000010971