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Trek Remedy 

Remedy is for riders who seek out sick lines over Strava segments. With 150mm of plush rear suspension travel, zippy 27.5" wheels, and an extra-stout frame, Remedy brings all the latest tech you need for a rad day on the trails.

Active Braking Pivot

Active Braking Pivot allows our engineers to tune how the suspension reacts to acceleration and braking forces independently. That means you get more confident control when you need it most.

Straight Shot with Knockblock

Trek's Straight Shot frame design optimizes the stiffness-to-weight ratio for a more responsive ride. You'll be able to push harder and stay more planted on your line when the going gets rough.


RE:aktiv technology gives you firm support for efficient pedaling that instantly gives way for smooth control when the trail turns rough.

Mino Link Adjustable Geometry

Fine tune head angle by 1/2 a degree, and BB height by 10mm by simply and easily. Flip the chip to choose between slack or slacker geometry without negatively affecting suspension performance.